Our Tribe

Welcome to My Mindful Tribe, a heartfelt endeavor born from a mother's unwavering passion for mindfulness and well-being within families and children. Our story began when our founder, a dedicated mom, realized the profound impact of mindfulness on nurturing stronger connections and fostering a sense of peace within her own family. Fueled by the transformative power of these practices, My Mindful Tribe was born with a mission to share the joy of mindful living with families everywhere.

At My Mindful Tribe, we curate a range of thoughtfully crafted products designed to elevate your family's well-being. From our empowering affirmation cards that speak directly to the heart, to our connection cards that foster meaningful bonds, we believe in the power of positive words and shared moments. Our gemstones bring the magic of nature into your home, each one selected to inspire and uplift. Dive into tranquility with our recorded meditations, and create a sacred space for mindfulness with our specially designed yoga mats for kids.

Every product at My Mindful Tribe is infused with love, intention, and the belief that mindful living is a beautiful journey best shared with those we cherish the most. Join our tribe and embark on a transformative adventure toward a more mindful, connected, and joyful family life.


"I believe that nurturing young minds is the key to building a brighter, more compassionate future. By providing tools we empower children to discover the magic within themselves, fostering a resilient and mindful generation ready to face life's challenges with grace and kindness."

- Amanda Chamberlain
(Founder of My Mindful Tribe)